The Smell Factor

As I make personal choices about how to live my live by my values I am wary of the slippery slope I’m on. Whilst I aim to live my life in such a way as to empower the marginalised, promote equality and diversity, love others, protect and sustain the world and it’s peoples; the more hard core I get, the more I smell.

No offence to people like Ghandi, Jesus and Mother Theresa; their contribution to the world was monumental, but we all know that the very acts of changing the world for the better are often opposed to personal grooming.

Here’s an example of some thing that are good, but make you smell: Riding your bike instead of your car, avoiding aluminium deodorants, mulching manure, etc. I put together this sliding scale of ‘normal’ to ‘smelling’ people, I’m still pretty close to the ‘normal’ end, but am heading further down:

note: spelling in this may be ‘near-enough-is-good-enough’, also, the order of events may differ from individual experience.

How did I keep showering up that tree?

Anyway, I’d rather smell and live in the world I hope for. You know, that is if I can’t have both. I’ll just take more eco-friendly showers. How far are you down the list?


alys said...

gold theo! i hope i gradually smell worse than i used to.

Anonymous said...

I feel like there should be a disclaimer saying that this is not an excuse to abandon hygene altogether. Nice post Theo.

GregoryO said...

Great post.

I think the next logical step here is that 'smelling' more makes it less easy to engage other people in the (desirable) slippery slope.

I'd like to slip further down, but we're social beings and to be heard we need to be accepted at least to some extent. It's hard to suggest that my neighbour water his garden a little bit less, when I'm off boarding whaling ships (:

Your Strength Today said...

Thanks for the comments all. Boarding Whaling ships is a stigma that's hard to manage with your neighbours. People and relationships are at the core of this for me, so I guess if we love people, we'll strike the best of smelling more and relating to our community.

GregoryO said...

It turns out you missed an item on your picture: Wiping your bottom with cloths, and washing them for reuse. Thanks to Clare for pointing out that one.