Hazel Eye

There’s something to be said about persistence, but Hazel will sometimes sacrifice all in search of the goal. I think that some things come with too high a price, and people are more important than our goals as well. Or at least my eyes think so.Hazel Eye Frame

Right Here, Right now!

being present

How often do we live in the moment? How often are we really present with ourselves right now?

I was once told that we can only really experience God, others, and ourselves in the present, but we spend all our time focussing on the past or the future. Not even on the people we’re with right now.

Try being present. Not here, you’re looking at a screen, go somewhere interesting. And try and be present. think about only things in that moment. How your body feels, how the air feels, sounds and sights, but only things in that moment. Try and enjoy it.

being present frame

Augusta 26/2/11

augusta lighthouse

augusta seal island colour

Here’s some sketches I made while in Augusta recently. I coloured them as well. I like the colours, but I’m not sure it was exactly like that. Thanks for reading. Theo

Animal Magnetism - Strengths based failure…

Animal magnatism

This week I was thinking about the direction of my career and thinking about my strengths. Jess, my wife, was helping me and writing down the list. Some of my strengths, animal magnetism for example, made the list easily. As I recalled them, however, Jess suggested that a few of my strengths were not actually very helpful to my career. Like always being right. I’m very good at that; people think I’m right all the time even when I’m not. And even when people think I’m wrong, I’m usually sure I’m right. Being defensive was another, it’s like an art form for me, which helps in the ‘always being right’ department.

So then I thought not all of my talents are good ones. I don’t really want my greatest skills to be the ones that tare down my relationships. I could be the all powerful defence man! but I’m sure I’d be a super villain if I was. And I have plenty of strengths that could contribute to society, using my power for good instead of evil. I guess I just have to put as much energy into them as I do into being hard to live with and contributing to myself. Peace to all of you! Animal magnatism frame


I had some friends over and we played a little digital Pictionary. This involves a graphics tablet and a dictionary. Here are some excerpts that came out during the night, see if you can guess what they are! I’ll post the answers in a bit!



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Waiting and Doubt

...and then a happy ending.Sometimes waiting is hard, but not knowing what you're waiting for is harder. What if I'm wrong? What if it's not there? What if it's not what I think it is? What then? What now? 
You're waiting for something, or working toward something. I sincerely hope it's as good as you think.

Hazel in Art

kathleen Hazel sketch

This is a picture our friend Kathleen drew of Hazel on a recent camping trip. I thought it was so lovely that I would show it off to the world. Thanks Kathleen!