Bono feels like he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. I think a lot of us can relate; a feeling like we’re not quite there yet, or there’s something more, a general dis-content. Maybe we are all coming short, or perhaps we’re just hoping for a brighter future. Either way we’d best know what we’re looking for, and then probably where to find it.

I don’t want to get stuck, I want to keep looking. I don’t want to avoid finding what I’m looking for. It may be hard to cope with, but I’d rather die in the right place than avoid it forever. Then I think we’;; have found what we’ve been looking for all along. Just a thought…Boxes fRAME


One of the conversations I keep having lately is about whether our big goals actually line up with what we want. For example, someone might say that they want to be a police officer, but what they really want is to protect people. These aren't mutually exclusive, but they're not the same thing either. They get so caught up on the idea of becoming a cop that they don't even realize that this isn't what they really want, and when they end up behind a desk they're unsure why they feel unsatisfied. I think we should assess our goals and be aware of what they are and mean, why we want them, and how we'll know when we've achieved them. 
There's plenty of goals placed on us by advertisers, social expectation, parents and peers, goals that we don't even really want; buy this, be the best, look sexy, impress your friends, get a good score, work harder, shut up, etc. 
Are we on track to achieving real and meaningful goals? The goals we want?

Hazel Vs. the World

Hazel vs world

Hazel has a amazing ability to put things in her mouth. Whilst this seems to be a simple task, most people could not accomplish it with such skill as Hazel. her repertoire is extensive and includes, but is not limited to,:

Toys, cutlery, her feet, a pedestal fan, chair legs, bed sheets, the steering wheel on our car, guests, etc.

If you still think, that’s not that hard, then my challenge to you this week is to put all of the above items in your mouth. let me know if you succeed.

Hazel’s mission about the house seems to be to discover and explore. this got me thinking, that maybe that’s what we humans do. We constantly find new was to engage with the world around us. First we touch then taste, then crawl then walk, then talk and socialise, etc. Maybe that’s what drives us to the exploration extremes of space travel. I think I should find a new way to engage with my world this week. All of you with out pedestal fan’s in their mouths are free to join me.

Thoughts on Valentines Day

i'd have you

Sometimes it’s just nice to be affirmed and appreciated.

hate valentines

Sometimes our expectations of relationships are very different.

human heart

I love you, Jess.human heart frame

Same Old Story


Why is it that I never seem to see the signs before it’s too late? And then I climb back out and brush myself off. It’s not that I want to avoid all the holes, it’s just how can I be falling into them again and again, same as last time.

I guess I’ll have to keep my eye closer on the path, these distractions are annoying. Also, I’ll build a barrier at the edge of the whole. maybe I’ll tell some friends where I ‘m going, and they can watch out for me. Or I could get busy doing something useful, a goal could keep me from wondering. I don’t want to see this hole again.

Pivotal Moment

Time to change

I find that I say this to my self often, and then fail to free myself from my chains. I need a real change that will mean something real. Let’s hope this is it. This has to be it.

Time to change Frame



Life isn’t a race, but why wait to get started. I’m often so scared that things won’t work out, but when I try things I’m always proud and excited. There’s still things I want to start, so maybe I should get them underway. If the right moment doesn’t come, I’ll have to do with the moment at hand.

What are you waiting for?Starter Frame