Fish and more Fish

Fish are graceful creatures as they float through the waters of a river or the sea. In giant schools they seamlessly manoeuvre through their environment. Beautiful elegant, look at them go! Fish School


I've never actually tried to juggle fish, though I imagine it is very difficult indeed. My experiences of handling only a few at a time lead me to believe that if I were entrusted with any greater number my exploits would be comically haphazard. Forget about juggling, I can barely get by holding all of the things at once.

fish hold

Holding them is almost impossible as they casually flop and fall out of my slime covered hands. But the real fun begins when every time try to pick one up an avalanche of fish stream from my arms to the floor. Let's just say that Juggling fish is very difficult, and very very fun. You're probably expecting me to get to a metaphor soon, and here it is: I find balancing lifestyle much like fish juggling. This season has been enjoyable, with many ventures, opportunities and successes. But everything seems to be flying everywhere (like fish) and I have a relatively low pressure life style. So I guess I'm learning the lesson of trust and immersion; throwing myself into things with faith in the guidance and provision of God. I'm enjoying spending time with my family, working at SU, being creative on my blog and working in the garden. Most of all I'm enjoying the opportunity to discover how I want to invest my time and resources, talking about my gifts and the future, and working in the call God has for all to be a part of something amazing. Hopefully I’ll be Juggling fish soon!


Fish Juggle1

Summer–How I loath thee

I try to keep this site a positive place. I like to focus on strength for the times that are hard and hope for a better tomorrow. I like to post about what I am discovering is good in the world. This is not one of those posts. This is a sad post. This post is about Summer.
Summer Sun
While I’m sure you’re all happy about the warm days we’ve been receiving, I am worried. Very worried. I don’t like Summer, in case you were still wondering, for with it come a stream of impossible situations that cannot be borne by common man. Or at least it makes me reasonably upset, and that’s why I’ve gone to the effort of creating the following TOP THREE THINGS I HATE ABOUT SUMMER.
Thing 3! My Wardrobe
Many of you probably notice that when summer comes around, you’re left with fewer clothes to wear. For some however, you have an entirely new look dedicated to summer, or maybe you were wearing those clothes all winter round, under your jacket. For me, this is the opposite.Summer Naked
Instead of having fewer clothes, my decidedly European stylings require that I can wear none of my clothes in the summer, unless I become immune to heatstroke. Vanity has often led me to try variations on my clothes, maintaining something of my image without overheating:
Summer Vest
This has not been successful. Here’s a pro-tip for you: vest on bare skin is weird for everyone.
Summer SweatThing 2! Sweat
Closely linked to my clothing problem is the fact that when the sun comes out, all the moisture in my body is drawn to it. They’re like little sun-worshipers, who get all anxious when they hear their god is coming round. I am not pleased. I am not a believer in this faith of damp smells.
I think my confidence must also be linked to my moisture, as it seems to evaporate just in the way my pooling perspirant doesn’t at these times. Leaving me a wilting mess, my garments drenched and my friends absent. This is not my idea of a fun day.

Thing 1! The Car
The absolute worst thing I hate about Summer is getting in the car.
Summer Car
I can’t express in words what it’s like, getting in a sweltering heat-box, desperately trying to turn on the air-con, holding my breath so the air doesn’t burn my lungs. Then the air comes on, but it takes ages to cool down, and it’s just blowing super heated air around in my face, and my hands get burnt on the wheel. That’s why I drew a picture. Enough said.
I hope you didn’t mind my whinging too much, it’s good to get it out. I’ll resume hopeful broadcasting soon. Until then please let me know what you hate/love about the summer in the comment section.

Cars Go Fast

Cars Go Fast1

Life isn’t fast all the time, that’s just perception. Maybe we should relax a bit and try lose momentum. I think it’s in times like that that we’re best able to see where the car is going, who we’re going with, and what we have to do to get there; if we want to truly get ‘there’ at all. Funny that the thing that slows us down can be going too fast. This was fun to draw.