Portrait of not getting it right


I think our society is plagued by fear of not getting things right. I could be wrong (Irony), maybe it’s just me who has this core desire to impress everyone and never show weakness. Well today I don’t care what people think so much. Today I’ll do my best and hope that people like it and not worry so much if I show a little vulnerability. Thanks for reading.Portrait1 frame

Cool Shirt

Cool Shirt1

I love a cool shirt.

My favourite is one with all these useless superpowers on it. The list includes ‘Become a laptop forever’, ‘Communicate with fruit’ and ‘Summon a lamp, once’.



My feeling are only a portion of who I am, and therefore smaller than my whole. For some reason I feel encouraged when I remember that I’m physically bigger than any negative feeling I have.

All’s fair in love and war

TV2 1-3
TV2 4-7
TV2 8-10

This is a result of an ‘Ends justifies the means’ thinking. I’ve been reading some Lee Camp, and am reaffirmed in the need to teach more creative ways of achieving our goals and resolving conflict than violence.TV1 frame

Fragility–More a visual diary than usual.


A while back the roof at our office fell in. It happened at night so no one was hurt but everyone got paranoid. Suddenly the roof, our stable friend we could rely on, was as shifting as the 1 hour parking spaces out front. Paranoia took hold of the staff as they began to doubt their personal safety. The roof looked precarious, and no part of the roof so dangerous as the part just above the beholders head.

From little things…


I literally kill everything I try to grow. I think I lack the emotional intelligence to grow plants. They’re all “Theo, we’re thirsty!” and I’m all, “Hey plants, you need some fertilizer!” and they go,”No Theo, we’re thirsty, we’re dying!” then I say, “Have some water!” and they say, “Yay! Water!” and I say, “More water!” And they’re all, “We’re drowning! Please stop…” and then they die.

Hazel is not like this:

She’s all “Theo, I’m thirsty!” and I’m all, “Hey Hazel, you need some fertilizer!” and she goes,”No Theo, I’m thirsty, I’m dying!” then I say, “Have some water!” and she says, “Yay! Water!” and I say, “More water!” And she’s all, “I’m drowning! Please stop…” and then Jess takes her off of me and says “What are you doing with this fertilizer inside?”.


VisionSelf-explained. Thanks for viewing. Oh, and I fixed the site so anyone can leave comments now, you know, if you want to. It’s always good to get feedback. So if you comment I’ll critique your comment against a set of select criteria.

Page Turner


Two Hands

This drawing is based on a ‘post it’ I did a while back at work (below). It’s done completely on the computer with a Graphics Tablet that I borrowed (thanks Esther!). It’s about balance and distraction, Though it feels a bit fake and corny with the ‘gun vs bible’ motif. The objects in either hand are just symbols of conflicting priorities that I have, and how they’re proving more and more incompatible.

Going Deep

Do Not Enter

My friend Gerard had this door in his house that didn’t seem to go anywhere. When I asked him what it was he got all mysterious and jested that it was “the room of his depravity!”; a kind of space where all his failing clustered and stagnated. I mused at what might be in there, and images of dark and dank caves with shifting shadows came to mind. This picture is about friendship and the power it has to clean out the crap we think we can’t deal with. Leaning on each other makes my life easier, and gives me perspective about my room of depravity. Thanks to all those guys who are here with me, making it seem not so bad.