Pointing the Finger

Watch where you're pointing that fing-     er! There are many voices that tell us not to judge others, or to judge by the standard we wish to be judged by. I think there must be a lot of (perhaps more subtle) voices telling us we should isolate others, seeing as we do almost every day.
I’ve heard it said that when you point at someone Maybe I should stop judging people for judging people. I'm stuck in an irony loop!there are three fingers pointing back at you. Jesus said that it was pretty stupid to highlight the flaws and weaknesses in others and not expect it to expose your own shortcomings. Not accepting others has the worst affect on us though, we fear the judgment of others more when we are judgemental.
When we accept others I think we assume that others will accept us more. At any rate the world would be a better place with less fear and intolerance. Let’s not get caught out as the ones trying to catch others out!

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