XK3d - My contribution to world events!

Hi all, for April 1st (which it still is in America) Randall Munroe, the author of webcomic xkcd, has converted his webcomic into 3D. More awesome than this however, is the fact that the community were able to pick comics to convert into 3D, so they could help out and be a part of the action.

So, with no understanding of java script I decided to pitch in! Check out http://xkcd.com/108/ and notice my name down the bottom.

For me this is the opportunity to be a 'guest' of sorts on someone whose comic is far more famous than mine. I'm pretty excited. Check out the site and happy April 1st (for yesterday).


Anonymous said...

You picked one of my favourites :)
This is why you are awesome!!

Your Strength Today said...

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.