Not by sight

With a gun this is way more sinister for some reason, so it's faith medieval style.
So here’s my thought; it’s stupid to shoot a bow and arrow with a blindfold on, you’re not going to hit your target because you need control to do that. But what if it’s something you can’t control, what then? You have to just risk it, or trust that things will work out because of some other control, or you struggle to try and control it and get stressed out because you can’t. So if you had faith that something other than you’re own control could line up the arrow, then you’d be best to not try to control it yourself, in case you messed it up. So I’m trying every day to let go of control, so I don’t get stressed out when I cant control a situation, and so I can see something else at work.
More images below:

The original drawing looked like this:
Faith post-it
And here are the doodles in between:

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